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Standard Delivery* (anytime)
upto 7-10 days, for just £4.95



2-3 days Delivery* (anytime)
£5.95 Next Working day* (Not Saturday) £7.95



By 12am* next day


By 10am next day*

Enter our Japanese ShopThe sales office is open Monday - Friday (9am-6pm). If the lines are busy then please leave a message. Please give your phone number and also the last four numbers of your order. To track your parcel, use the tracking number that was e-mailed to you from Parcelforce.

Next day delivery

Please remember that the last time to order each day for next day delivery is 2pm, orders recieved after 2 pm will be shipped the following day.

When things go wrong...

We at Mount Fuji do our best to give you the best service. If anything does go slightly wrong then Yoko will hit Andrew over the head with a saucepan. We will then do our best to sort it out, just let us know if you are not 100% happy.


Please feel free to call us or email us with any comments or suggestions.

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You can order online, by fax or by phone (in Japanese or English).

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Mount Fuji International
Tel: 01743 741169
Fax: 01743 741650

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