At the Mount Fuji Japanese Bento Restaurants in Cardiff & Birmingham, we offer exquisite Japanese food. The best Japanese food that you can find outside of Japan; Tokyo style! Our online Japanese shop delivers Japanese tea, Sake & beers to your door.

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Shop online for sushi kits, noodles, miso soups, Japanese rice crackers, Japanese sweets, sauces, seasonings, Japanese beers, sake and plum wines. Chinaware shop, book shop, gift shop and travel guides.

Japanese Tea

Our Japanese green tea shop sells green tea that has been grown in Shizuoka (the home of Japanese Green Tea) in Japan. No other drink has the proven health benefits of green tea. Mount Fuji tea bags are unique and allow the tea to move around while brewing in a special filter bag; or loose green tea if you prefer. Our Matcha (Green tea powder) is perfect for cooking. Catechin packed green tea sweets make a tasty treat. Mount Fuji tea is produced on our own farms.

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Mount Fuji Japanese Restaurant
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Cardiff Japanese  Restaurant
Mount Fuji Japanese Restaurant
Level 0, Eastside
St David’s 2 Shopping Centre
0292 034 0333

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