Mount Fuji Birmingham

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Join us for Bento in the Bullring
Tokyo Style Japanese food
Mount Fuji Birmingham
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Japanese Sushi            Sashimi
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At the Mount Fuji Japanese Bento Restaurant we offer exquisite Japanese food right in the heart of the Bullring in Birmingham. The best Japanese food that you can find outside of Japan; Tokyo style! The Japanese diet is the zenith of food consumption. It concentrates the energy and taste of food into a compact and delightful portion. Japanese women and men live longer and healthier than everyone else on Earth! We promise to make you revitalised and full of energy.

Bento is an elaborate method of portioning a delicious selection of Japanese food. “Bento to go” for an office lunch or “eat in bento” meals. Bento is an extremely healthy way to eat. Try our bento diet plan and watch the pounds fall off.
Sushi is a Japanese artform with a unique freshness and simplicity. Sushi has a natural beauty all of its own. Sushi is so popular thanks to its delicious taste and proven health benefits. Our Sushi is hand rolled by a master chef.
Join us for bento, sushi or just take time out in our green tea cafe, our green tea is from our own farm on the foothills of Mount Fuji. We are the only independent restaurant in the Bullring. Our new Cardiff restaurant is Shikansen styled.
Birmingham Mount Fuji

Side Orders

(sushi can be ordered from the daily sushi bar menu)

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Tofu Salad (v) £5.85
Freshly made salad with tofu and drizzled With wafu dressing

Sashimi Salad £5.95
Selection of sashimi with salad & soy sauce dressing

Chicken Gyoza £3.95
Chicken & Vegetables (like mince) in a pasta shell.

Salmon Sashimi £5.85
Premium Scottish salmon

Chicken Teriyaki £4.45
Chicken marinated in our own Teriyaki sauce

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Chicken Karage £4.20
Our famous karage, juicy chicken coated & fried

Fried Tofu (v) £3.85
Tofu, deep fried and served with a Tempura dipping sauce

Edamame Beans (v) £3.35
Steamed soya beans, sprinkled with salt.

Miso Soup £2.75
Light & full of flavour.


Japanese Bento
Comes with Japanese Vegetables, salad & pickles & Japanese Rice

Chunky Chicken sweet & sour Bento – £9.75
Our special Japanese version of sweet & sour with Shittake mushrooms comes with rice, salad & pickles

Chunky Chicken “Karage Bento” – £9.45
Bite sized chicken marinated in light sweet sauce (our favourite this one) & lightly fried.
comes with rice, salad & pickles

Pork Stir Fry “Syoga Yaki” Bento – £9.85
Stir-fried pork strips with onion & peppers in our ginger based soy sauce. comes with rice, salad & pickles

Chicken Teriyaki Bento – £9.95
Marinated Chicken thigh lightly fried with Mount Fuji Teriyaki sauce poured over! Comes with rice, salad & pickles

Giant Prawn (Ebi-fry) Bento – £10.35
Giant Prawns in breadcrumbs on a bed of shredded cabbage with tasty sauce & Pumpkin Croquette, comes with rice, salad & pickles

Pork Tonkatsu Bento – 10.75
TONKATSU is Pork tenderloin coated in crispy Japanese breadcrumbs served with tonkatsu sauce, comes with rice, salad & pickles

Beef Stir Fry“ Yakiniku” Bento – £9.75
Local Rump Beef & Vegetables Stir-Fry (very popular in Japan) with a tiny hint of spice. Comes with rice, salad & pickles

Cod Fillet Sweet & Sour Bento – £10.25
Cod fillets, prepared Japanese style with onions, carrots, peppers & Shittake mushrooms with Mount Fuji’s sweet & sour sauce, comes with rice, salad & pickles

Agedasih Tofu Bento – £9.35
Agedashi-tofu, chunks of Tofu fried and served with Tempura sauce, comes with rice, salad & pickles

Donburi & Noodles

Beef Stir Fry “Yakiniku” Donburi – £8.95
A big bowl of rice with strips of beef & peppers in a tangy sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki Donburi – £8.95
Classic Japanese meal, big bowl of rice with chicken teriyaki served on top.

Pork Stir Fry Donburi – £8.85
A big bowl of rice with stips of Pork, onions & peppers in a succulent light ginger sauce.

Eel Donburi – £13.95
Classic Japanese meal, big bowl of rice with a generous helping of grilled eel served on top.

Chicken & Curry Udon Noodle – £9.75
Thick udon noodles and chicken karage in a curry sauce, sprinkled with garnish.

Tempura Udon Noodle – £9.45
Large thick udon noodles & soup with selection of Tempura (can be on separate plate).

Special Bento’s 

Eel Teriyaki Bento – £14.95
Marinated eel with Mount Fuji Teriyaki sauce, teriyaki chicken, rice, salad & pickles.

Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura Bento – £13.25
Our classic chicken teriyaki with a selection of tempura, rice, salad & pickles

Chicken Teriyaki & Prawn Bento 12.95
Our classic chicken teriyaki with giant prawn fry, rice, salad & pickles.

Salmon Teriyaki – £13.65
Salmon fillet with Mount Fuji’s Teriyaki sauce, served with rice, salad & pickles.

Medium Java Curry

Chunky Chicken “Karage” Curry – £8.75 (regular) £10.75 (large)
Bite sized chicken, rice, curry sauce & salad.

Prawn Fry Curry – £9.35 (regular) £10.75 (large)
Large prawns in Japanese breadcrumbs, rice curry sauce & salad

Vegetable Curry – £8.25
Lots of vegetables, rice, curry sauce & salad

Pork “Tonkatsu” Curry – £9.85
Pork tenderloin in Japanese breadcrumbs, rice, curry sauce & salad